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Daily rentals on a luxury Yacht in the Bahamas starts at $4,000. If you’re heading on vacation in the Bahamas or live here in the Islands and are ready to start planning a yacht charter in the Bahamas our staff at YCM offers a unique blend of luxurious relaxation and thrilling adventure through some of the world’s most beautiful waters in the world. The popular “Milk Run” is one our most popular tours we do.

The YCM detailed charter guide explains the costs of chartering a yacht in the Bahamas, helping you understand the fees associated and how to plan a budget for your vacation or expedition. Since there are a lot of variables in travel expenses when renting a boat there’s no exact figure unless you already know how many people are coming on the boat, the food you want, how many days/nights and other figures that need to be determined to know the exact cost for chartering a boat.

Luxury Yacht Charter in the Bahamas - Term and Day Charters
Experience the ultimate luxury with term and day charters in the Bahamas.

How Much to Charter a Yacht in the Bahamas: A Detailed Financial Guide

The Bahamas, with its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and pristine beaches, is a top destination for yacht charters. The allure of navigating through over 700 islands and cays, each offering unique experiences and sights, draws numerous visitors each year. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a festive gathering with friends, a yacht charter in the Bahamas can be tailored to fit any occasion and preference.

Factors Influencing Yacht Charter Costs

The cost of chartering a yacht in the Bahamas varies widely based on several key factors:

Deck view of 92' Pershing yacht in Miami and Bahamas
Enjoy the sun and sea breeze on the deck of the 92′ Pershing yacht during a Miami or Bahamas charter.

Cost Breakdown of Yacht Charters in the Bahamas

Budget-Friendly Options:

Mid-Range Options:

Luxury and Superyacht Options:

Additional Costs to Consider

When planning your yacht charter budget out for these additional expenses:

Example Itinerary and Associated Costs for a Bahamas Cruise:

7-Day Charter Itinerary in the Bahamas:

  1. Nassau: Start your journey with provisioning and exploring local islands like Rose Island and the Atlantis.
  2. The Exumas: Sail to Highbourne Cay to enjoy secluded beaches and snorkeling.
  3. Warderick Wells: Visit the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park for pristine natural environments.
  4. Staniel Cay: Swim with the famous pigs and explore Thunderball Grotto.
  5. Compass Cay: Experience swimming with nurse sharks.
  6. Return to Nassau: End your trip with a leisure day around Nassau exploring local cuisine and shopping.

Cost Breakdown for the Itinerary:

Tips for Saving on Yacht Charters

Exterior view of 120' ISA yacht
Explore the exterior beauty of the 120′ ISA yacht available for charters in the Caribbean

FAQs About Chartering a Yacht in the Bahamas

Q: Can I charter a yacht for less than a week? A: Yes, some operators offer shorter charters, especially during the off-peak season, but per-day costs may be higher. We provide 3 day charter pricing for a boat rental below.

Q: What is included in a crewed yacht charter? A: Crewed charters typically include a captain and crew, meals prepared by a chef, and all onboard amenities. Exact inclusions can vary, so it’s important to confirm details with the charter company. If you book with us here at YCM we will go over everything and get you a detailed contract for your charter.

Q: Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of? A: Always ask about additional costs such as fuel, dockage fees, water sports equipment rental, and any other potential unexpected costs associated with your trip.

Q: How much to charter a yacht for 3 days in the Bahamas? A: You can book a 3-day luxury yacht charter for $15,000 out of Nassau in the Bahamas and sleep on the boat with 3 bedrooms and 6 total beds. You can even start in the Bahamas and ride all the way back to Miami or go from Miami to the Bahamas by luxury yacht instead of flying or taking a crowded cruise ship.

Exterior view of 120' ISA yacht
Explore the exterior beauty of the 120′ ISA yacht available for charters from YCM

Pricing Conclusion

Chartering a yacht anywhere in the Caribbean is a great idea but starting out in the Bahamas is the most common and attractive for it’s convenient location to the Mainland and large airport in Nassau. Yacht Chartering starting off in the Bahamas can fit a wide range of budgets, depending on the type of yacht, the season, and additional costs like fuel and provisioning. By understanding these factors and planning accordingly, you can create a memorable and luxurious Bahamas yacht charter experience tailored to your financial comfort level. YCM charters Yachts for celebrities, families, business owners, and just friends who want to split the cost of renting a luxury boat while on vacation in the Bahamas. Whether you seek the tranquility of sitting on the beautiful beaches throughout the islands, riding jet skis on the open ocean, secluded cays, swimming with the pigs in the Exumas, or the adventure of exploring underwater caves, a yacht charter in the Bahamas offers a unique and customizable vacation unlike any other.

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