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Business is good and now it’s time to rent a really big boat. YCM provides pristine luxury superyacht charters in the Caribbean for an elite clientele. A superyacht charter for a week is the epitome of luxury travel for the rich and famous. With stunning turquoise waters, an array of beautiful islands, and the allure of ultimate comfort, YCM’s fleet of superyachts offer an unparalleled experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Our superyacht charter guide provides essential information to help you plan an unforgettable Caribbean voyage aboard one of our majestic superyachts.


  1. Understanding Superyacht Charters
  2. Choosing Your Superyacht
  3. Top Destinations for Superyacht Charters in the Caribbean
  4. Cost Breakdown of a Superyacht Charter
  5. Planning Your Itinerary
  6. Tips for a Seamless Superyacht Charter Experience

Understanding Superyacht Charters

Superyacht charters offer a peak into the world of luxury, with vessels that are typically over 30 meters (about 100 feet) in length. All of our mega yachts are equipped with a team of professional crews including a captain, chefs, first mate, second mate, and additional team members who cater to every need during your journey with the highest 5 star white glove service you could possible imagine.

Features of Superyachts:

Choosing Your Superyacht

Selecting the right superyacht involves considering several factors to match your personal preferences and needs:

  1. Size and Layout: Ensure the yacht offers enough space for your party and the kind of layout that suits your group’s dynamics. You can have over 30 people on our superyacht during the day and have your core friends or family sleep overnight.
  2. Amenities and Features: From hot tubs to onboard gyms and spas, list the amenities that are essential for your vacation.
  3. Performance and Range: Consider the cruising speed and range if you plan to explore distant areas across the Caribbean. There’s so many beautiful destinations to visit and the Bahamas is the most common starting point for a cruise but St. Barths, The Virgin Islands, and Turks and Caicos have been very popular destinations for premium luxury charters recently.

Top Destinations for Superyacht Charters in the Caribbean

1. The Virgin Islands

2. The Bahamas

3. Saint Barthélemy

Cost Breakdown of a Superyacht Charter

Average Costs:

Planning Your Itinerary

Steps to Create Your Ideal Caribbean Route:

  1. Select a Starting Point: Choose a convenient location based on your travel plans and the islands you wish to visit. Nassau is the most popular but YCM can accommodate pick up and drop off from any island in the Caribbean.
  2. Highlight Must-Visit Destinations: The Caribbean has so many must see destinations. Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, BVI, Exumas to swim with the pigs? Identify key spots in the Caribbean that you’d like to see or ask our concierge team for suggestions based on the time of year and where you’re traveling to.
  3. Consider Travel Times: The islands are big and traveling by boat you can expect to cruise at 25 to 30 knots. So be patient and know that you’ll make it to each destination in a time that is estimated based on the water.
  4. Incorporate Leisure Time: Allocate time for relaxation, eating, and spontaneous water sport activities.

Tips for a Seamless Superyacht Charter Experience


A superyacht charter in the Caribbean promises an escape filled with luxury, adventure, and relaxation. By understanding the key elements of chartering, choosing the right yacht, and planning a thoughtful itinerary, you can ensure a memorable and lavish vacation on the high seas that won’t be cheap but it’s a memory you’ll never forget.

Whether lounging on sun-drenched decks, diving into crystal-clear waters, or enjoying gourmet cuisine prepared by your personal chef, a superyacht charter offers the ultimate way to experience the Caribbean’s allure.

Book your luxury vacation today out of the Caribbean.

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